'Ambara' Dome-danglers (SOLD OUT)


'Ambara' is crafted in 925 silver and is from 'Vibhuti', Dvibhumi's monumental story. The story draws its inspiration from elements of Islamic and Renaissance architecture - and dome structures and fretwork in particular. Made for the contemporary woman, 'Ambara' has a 'Vibhuti' (holy ash) finish that is distinctive and austere. 


925 silver

Length = 1.8"
Weight (pair) = 32g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow your jewellery to come in contact with moisture or liquids. Silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing the earrings in a clean air-tight zip lock bag is an effective way of delaying this - if you'd like to maintain a tarnish-free look. Excess tarnish may be removed using an anti-tarnish cloth.

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