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A Note from the Founder-Designer


Hello and thank you for stopping by! 

Dvibhumi is an off-trend, contemplative jewellery label based in Singapore. It has a simple quest: to contribute towards a contemporary identity for design rooted in Asian heritage. 

The name is adapted from the Sanskrit words "dve" (meaning "two") and "bhumi" (meaning "earth"). It represents a stream of ideas flowing from my two worlds: India, where I grew up, and South East Asia, where I live work and travel. Local stories and local skills are the foundation on which my work evolves. I design in Singapore and work with craftsmen in India and Indonesia to create modern jewellery with a strong Asian narrative. My signature aesthetic uses clean lines and surfaces in combination with textures and motifs. I employ restraint to allow my designs to go beyond statements and spark dialogue. Expect more matte finishes and monochrome than bling. Look for focus on form and spotlighting on detail. And Asia-inspired geometry. 

See anything you like? Dvibhumi ships worldwide!

I'd love to hear from you. 

Write to me at hello@dvibhumi.com

Warm wishes,