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I LOVED my Mini Meyttu Ear Jackets.
They're deceptively simple, but so stylish.
Definitely one that pierces through the big statement pieces to be
a perfect conversation starter, thanks to its subtlety and design! 
Decided to wear them enough before messaging,
although it was love at first sight!
Divya S, India

(Purchased the 'Mini Meyttu' Ear Jackets)


Hi Vyshnavi. I recently bought and received a pair of your
Oggarney studs. I've loved your work ever since I came across it
on Instagram via the ever-stylish Pooja Jagadeesh (she was wearing
a pair of your architectural dome danglers) and I'm really thrilled to own
a pair of your earrings myself! They're perfectly designed
and beautifully made. Thanks very, very much to both yourself
and your crafts-people for a very special pair of earrings.
I look forward to buying some more in the future!
Best wishes, Verity.
Verity H, Australia

(Purchased the 'Oggaraney' Earrings)


The piece is very beautiful and I look forward to wearing it.
I have never owned neck wear that has dimensionality -
I have only had pieces that lie flat against my body,
and that makes me doubly excited about this pendant. 
Sarayu, India

(Purchased the 'Anila' Pendant Chain) 


Thanks for making such lovely pieces - I've drooled (for the lack
of a better word) over them for a long time now. Figured what
I would really wear over and over again, what I would 
wear it with. The decision was so hard, that I had to make
a top ten list, and pick based on the budget I'd kept aside. 
Can't wait to lay my hands on this lot. Glad brands like yours exist. 
Divya S, India

(Purchased the 'Kayonan' Danglers, 'Kokke Danglers, 'Taman' Tusk Earrings, 'Embun' Earrings and 'Riyaz' Danglers)


I love your work.
It's contemporary art.
Olga P, Switzerland
(Purchased the 'Kayonan' Danglers, 'Riyaz' Earrings and 'Tirta' Tusk Earrings) 
Every single time I wear either of my Dvibhumi earrings,
I have been complimented. I take great pride in telling my family and friends about your designs.
Thank you for your beautiful art.
Aishwarya R, Australia
(Purchased the 'Naga' Tusk Earrings for herself, won a pair of 'Hindolam' Ear Jackets as part of a giveaway,
and purchased the 'Kayonan' Danglers as a gift for her sister)
It had become such a part of my personality that
everyone's now asking me if I am sick that I am not wearing my magic ring.
Vaani A, India

(Purchased the Naad Cuff Ring, lost it, and ordered a replacement) 

A stunning pair of earrings! I am so pleased with them. They are 
delicate and intricate and they are so original.
The service was also exceptionally good and they arrived so quickly. I can't
wait to look online again and buy some more items. Really wonderful and unique jewellery!
Anna A, United Kingdom
(Purchased the 'Pura Gajah' Tusk Earrings)
I received my pieces today, and I have to say, even though I have seen images of them
hundreds of times, even the prototype versions of some, they are really something else to wear!
Statement pieces, conversation starters in the true sense. I am so glad there are brands like Dvibhumi 
that tell contemporary modern Asian stories so beautifully and confidently.
I really hope that you continue to inform us with that unique speak that your work embodies,
for a long time to come. All the very best, Vysh! You can count on me
to be a Dvibhumi cheerleader always. :)
Pooja J, India
(Purchased, the 'Anila' Dome Danglers, 'Riyaz' Earrings, 'Kayonan' Danglers, 'Manka' Necklace and 'Hindolam' Earrings)
The package has arrived. :)
The ‘Manka’ Necklace feels soo me.
Truly, I love its elegance and simplicity. I am enjoying the earrings too. 
Frankly, I did not know what to expect but the earrings are beautiful,
a little different from what I usually wear. 
Both these pieces are perfect, both for work and play.
Thanks for the lovely beautiful pieces. They are on me as I write this.
Divya S, United States
(Purchased the Mini Meyttu Ear Jackets and Manka Necklace)
I just picked up my earrings from the post office,
and I love, love, love them!
They are more beautiful than I imagined and absolutely adorable.
Sujayita R, United States
(Purchased the 'Mini Meyttu' Ear Jackets)
Beautiful work!!!
Farah A, Malaysia
(Purchased the 'Taman' Tusk Earrings)
Great job at integrating and enriching ethnic-al elements
in high quality pieces of jewelry.
Cristina U, Singapore
(Purchased the 'Atri' Ear threads)
I absolutely love this! And the seller is awesome!
She kept me updated and provided me awesome customer service. I very much appreciate.
I will order one more pair soon.
Donna A, United States
(Purchased the 'Naga' Tusk Earring)
These earrings are simply beauty-ful!
Reliable seller, great tracking. I will most likely order again :)
Emilie O, Luxembourg
(Purchased the 'Taman' Tusk Earring)
The earrings are beautiful, more so in person, and the size and detailing are perfect.
What I love about these is that they are modern and yet traditional.
Not very heavy, so I can easily carry them off with so many dresses!
Lovely work! Can't wait to buy more!
Priya D, United Kingdom 
(Purchased the 'Sahana' Ear Jacket)
LOVE these earrings!!
They are everything I thought they'd be and more.
If your ear hole is small it may be a tight fit and feel tender
after removing them the first few times but this should only
last about a week or two. Then they'll fit like a glove
LOL!! But seriously, no regrets! (And they're soooo sexy it's not even funny)
Nadine C, United States
(Purchased the 'Taman' Tusk Earring)
Thank you so much for the great earrings. I love them!!!
Sina K, Germany
(Purchased the 'Hindolam' Ear Jacket)
Absolutely stunning - I love them - excellent service - thank you! 
Stephanie C, Canada
(Purchased the 'Abhogi' Ear Jacket, 'Taman' Tusk Earrings)
Here I sit in Norway wearing my new pair of Kembojas from Singapore
in my ears - and they are stunning! The size is perfect, JUST what I like(!)
and the little pattern in the middle glows when the light is dim. 
I LOVE them!!! Fantastic craftsmanship and design.
Fast shipping and excellent service!I will definitely come back for more.
Highly recommended! Many thanks and greetings from a very very happy customer!
Hege TK, Norway 
(Purchased the Kemboja Dangler and 'Hindolam' Ear Jackets)
I have a pair of Ayu earrings and I am very pleased with them.
I am a sucker for silver earrings and was naturally drawn to all the designs that Dvibhumi has. 
Ayu stood out because of its unique design and mechanism.
It is funky, casual, yet tells such a great story.
It is quite sturdy and doesn't weigh the ear lobes down. I love this pair.
I always have something to look forward to on the days I wear them.
Maya M, Singapore 
(Purchased the Taman Tusk Earring)
There was so much anticipation as I waited for 'Hindolam' to arrive,
and I was not disappointed! It's hard to choose what I like best
about this stunning pair of earrings - the multiple ways it may be worn,
its lovely rose gold on silver finish, or the fact that it suits traditional clothing
as much as it does a contemporary outfit. More than satisfied with
my first Dvibhumi purchase!
Priya CP, Singapore 
(Purchased the 'Hindolam' Ear Jacket)
I'm loving this after sales experience and the time you are taking
to write up little notes. I'm sure Dvibhumi will go a long long way
because of this level of attention and love you are putting into each sale!
I'm already contemplating my next because of all the unique designs
you'e coming up with...it's nothing like most people abroad have seen!
Priyanka S, United Kingdom 

(Purchased the 'Abhogi' Ear Jacket)

Besides having a weakness for silver, what appeals to me
is the story you have woven around the pieces. I think that is
an important part of why I have formed some sort of attachment
to these pieces, because of my own love for the arts.
Nitya R, United States 
(Purchased the 'Hindolam' Ear Jacket)