'Onagisu' Danglers


Designer's note

"Everything has beauty. If you take an interest in them, stove tops, utensil racks and steaming plates will talk to you. Onagisu is a Kannada verb, and it means - to dry. The 'Onagisu' Danglers examine the aesthetic appeal of a purely functional object: the utensil rack. They are handcrafted in silver with a touch of brass for contrast and character. The pattern on the hoop is based on the multifarious holders of the utensil rack into which spoons and plates are inserted. The tassels are reminiscent of ladles hung to dry after a wash and bring in movement and a bit of playfulness. The earrings express a fondness for quotidian objects and rituals. Though contemplative, they add a gorgeous graphic and sculptural element to the wearer's attire. Perfect for lovers of industrial jewellery to wear at social gatherings and special occasions."

925 silver


Length = 3"
Weight (pair) = 21g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow the jewellery to come in contact with any liquids or moisture. Silver and brass will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing your jewellery in a clean air-tight zip lock bag is an effective way of delaying this - if you'd like to maintain a tarnish-free look. Excess tarnish on silver maybe removed with an anti-tarnish cloth or with white toothpaste. To remove tarnish on brass, gently rub a tiny wedge of lemon with a touch of salt over the brass area. Alternatively, a tiny knob of tamarind soaked in water will effectively get rid of the tarnish.

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