'Belan' Unisex Pendant Chain


Designer's note

"More often than not, when I conceptualise jewellery, I end up thinking of a female wearer. This piece made me break free from my own binary thinking. Miniatures evoke fondness equally among genders. I designed this one, not as a decorative accessory, but along the lines of a souvenir - a personal and commemorative piece that may pique the interest of a curious observer. In its approach it does not deviate much from the form of the functional belan (Indian rolling pin). When worn, 'Belan' has a wonderfully smooth and reflective surface with handsome grooves and a gratifying weightiness. Even as it explores the beauty of quotidian objects and rituals, it is versatile. You can wear it to work, for casual outings and travel with it. 'Belan' is sold as a double pendant chain and can be worn even as a single pendant chain if you so wish. Ideal for those with a penchant for elegant industrial pieces. I recommend teaming it with the 'Belan' Danglers"


925 silver

Length = 18" approx 
Weight = 31g

Maintaining your pendant chain

Do not allow the jewellery to come in contact with any liquids or moisture. Silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing your jewellery in a clean air-tight zip lock bag is an effective way of delaying this - if you'd like to maintain a tarnish-free look. Excess tarnish on silver maybe removed with an anti-tarnish cloth or white toothpaste.

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