'Omelette' Danglers (SOLD OUT)

Designer's note

"Everything has beauty, if you care to look. Omelettes were possibly a cultural import from the West, but are a household staple in South India. I picked the balloon whisk egg beater as an inspiration mainly because of two lovely attributes: a delicate silhouette made of gently curved wires and sculptural character. I designed these earrings to be dramatic, yet essentialist and light in weight. They bring a graphical element to the wearer's attire. The 'Omelette' Danglers are perfect for casual outings and social gatherings, and a great choice for those with a penchant for industrial elegance."


925 silver

Length = 2.75"
Weight (pair) = 12g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow the jewellery to come in contact with any liquids or moisture. Silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing your jewellery in a clean air-tight zip lock bag is an effective way of delaying this - if you'd like to maintain a tarnish-free look. Excess tarnish on silver maybe removed with an anti-tarnish cloth or with white toothpaste.

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