'Gelungan' Shoulder Kissers (SOLD OUT)


'Gelungan' is part of the Wayang Kulit inspired ear wear series from Dvibhumi's 'Ayu' story. Handcrafted in 925 Silver with techniques and motifs indigenous to Bali, 'Gelungan' draws inspiration from the forms and cutwork of Wayang - Bali's shadow puppet theatre tradition. 925 Silver is typically non-allergic, making these earrings an ideal choice for jewellery enthusiasts with sensitive skin.


925 silver

Length = 3.75"
Weight (pair) = 5g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow the earrings to come in contact with moisture or liquids. These earrings are pre-tarnished, however silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish further with time. Storing the earrings in a clean air-tight zip-lock bag in a moisture-free environment is an effective way of delaying this.

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