'Meend' Danglers (SOLD OUT)


The 'Meend' Danglers are an ode to heritage expressed in the form of contemporary wearable art. This super-light piece is from 'Rhythm-Rawa-Riyaz' - the second chapter of 'Kutcheri' - Dvibhumi's continuing musical story. Hand crafted in 925 Silver and brass in collaboration with master artisans in Jaipur, it explores the aesthetics of Indian Classical Music - specifically the 'meend' or the sliding note - in sculptural form. 925 Silver (also known an Sterling Silver) is typically non-allergic, making this earring an ideal choice for jewellery enthusiasts with sensitive skin. 


925 silver, brass

Size = 3.5"
Weight (pair) = 7g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow your jewellery to come in contact with moisture or liquids. Brass and silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing the earrings in a clean air-tight zip lock bag in a moisture-free environment is a very effective way of delaying this. Tarnish on brass is easily removed by rubbing a slice of lemon dipped in salt over the affected areas. Use an anti-tarnish cloth to get rid of excess patina on the silver areas.

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