'Oggaraney' Stud Earrings


Designer's note

"I wanted to create a simple and personal piece of jewellery based on tempering (tadka in Hindi, or oggaraney in Kannada), which is a uniquely Indian cooking practice. The inspiration for these earrings is the pot used to infuse spices into hot oil before the infusion is poured into cooked food. Visually, they remain close to the functional oggaraney pot, with extended handles that are miniaturised. The curved reflective surface adds intrigue to the earrings when they catch light. In that sense, the 'Oggaraney' earrings are charming, understated and contemplative all at once. They express a fondness for familiar functional objects and everyday rituals. Ideal for work, daily wear and casual outings." 


925 silver

Length = 1.25"
Weight (pair) = 5g

Maintaining your earrings

Do not allow the jewellery to come in contact with any liquids or moisture. Silver will naturally and beautifully tarnish with time. Storing your jewellery in a clean air-tight zip lock bag is an effective way of delaying this - if you'd like to maintain a tarnish-free look. Excess tarnish on silver maybe removed with an anti-tarnish cloth or with white toothpaste.

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