'Rotti' Cuff


Designer's note

"I love that the screws of this cuff are functional. They remind me of frugal living and the art of repairs and maintenance, particularly the tightening of screws of pan and pressure cooker handles. The 'Rotti' Cuff has a gorgeous horseshoe form with a fully detachable crossbar that takes its inspiration from the belan (Indian rolling pin). The belan crossbar has grooves for textural interest. The cuff fits at the wrist or forearm depending on the wearer's size. It is essentialist in its approach to design, making it an understated but intriguing piece for lovers of industrial jewellery. Suitable for daily wear, social gatherings, and casual outings."

925 silver

Brass with gold plating

Easily fits most small to averagely sized arms at the forearm. Larger arms will wear this cuff at the wrist. 
Weight  = 18g

Maintaining your gold plated brass cuff

Gold plated brass will accumulate some dirt and stains over a period of time and will require occasional maintenance. Here are some dos and don'ts:

- Store your cuff in a clean air-tight zip lock bag 
- Use a mild soap and water to occasionally clean your gold plated brass cuff
- To prevent water from entering the hollow tube of the cuff, close the screws and hold the cuff in inverted position while washing

- Thoroughly dry the cuff after washing

- Do not allow the jewellery to come in contact with any liquids or moisture except when cleaning
- While cleaning, do not allow water to enter the hollow tube of the cuff. 
- Do not soak or scrub the cuff
- Do not store your cuff in a moist, damp or unclean environment 

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